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Ken Picton

Ken Picton

Ken Picton is a well-known Hair Artist in England. His hairstyles have already won him many coveted awards. Ken Picton is much more than a hair salon. His 650m2 salon has the allure of a fantastic showroom where you, as client, are pampered. Not only is your hairstyle created at top quality, you can also enjoy some great food and make use of all kinds of other services like facial and hand care. The website for Ken Picton must, just like his passion for hair artistry, be a winner. A special technique (JQuery) is used to be able to move the items within the site. The images slide into place. The entire website can be viewed on 1 screen without having to scroll back and forth.

A couple of special features are, for example, the "information containers" on the home page which you can arrange the way you see fit so that you have your own personal home page. But this we have also seen in a video player that "slides in" and knows whether it is being played on an iPhone or an iPad and then presents another video format without the user noticing.

U-Lab has integrated its U-File (online file exchange application) into the project.

Principal: Ken Picton
Contactperson: Ken Picton

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