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Germaine Paulusse Koedijk, marketing manager Prise d'Eau Golf

Prise D'eau

Prise d'eau Golf is one the most beautiful golf accommodations in Central Brabant. A course with a rural allure, ideally located in the sylvan environment between Tilburg and Gilze-Rijen. The beginner, advanced, business and top golfer will all find optimal facilities at Prise d'eau.
A unique golf course deserves a unique website. Besides receiving a striking first impression of the 27-hole course, the visitor to the site will also find a real-time course update, the latest weather forecasts, tailor-made offers and the opportunity to book a start time directly. Thanks to the flexible information containers, Prise d’eau Golf—via the custom-made CMS—can provide target-audience-directed information. In this way, every golfer has his or her needs addressed, regardless of level of play.

Principal: Prise D'eau
Website: www.prisedeau-golf.nl
Contactperson: Germaine Paulusse Koedijk

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